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Bitom Inc.
“Equalising the opportunity to make peopleʼs idea happen even in atom world”
"Just one click to form your idea"
~Cloud 3D Printing Service~
Simple UI and Technology provide you new UX

One-stop service
from manage 3d data within your group
to form and share your idea
“Fabbop Cast”
About us
Masayoshi Mitsui
Born in March 1989 at Kyoto. Graduated at Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Keio University, 2013 and also at the department of X-Design at Media and Governance, 2015. Really love to snuggle up to technology and design, love to fabricate something crazy. And now started-up Bitom, Inc. and have been developing service and hardware.
Daizo Kobayashi
Graduated at the department of science and technology, Waseda Univ. After that, Entered "Nomura Research Institute" and engagemented into new business development or oversea development for big manufacturing companies. Good at handling in engineering material and manufacturing field.
Shoji Ihara
Graduated Keio Univ. He has researched web-distributed system and experienced some internships with web companies, google etc. After that, have engagemented at system development about optimizatoin of base sequences (DNA) at a bio-science start-up. and enrolled into Univ of Tokyo in order to engage into AI. At the same time, engaged into system development related with Artificial Intelligence, and now have developing server-side system at Bitom Inc.
Ryo Akihara
Born in 1993, Aoyama Gakuin University enrollment. Achieved victory at US business contest CVS. Engaged in the launch of NewsPicks. Then over to India, when doing VC business, encountered Mitsui and held a Workshop. And passed at the age of 20 to Softbank Academia, learn the management philosophy. First Penguin soul.
Yoshimitsu Hiruta
After working on new services and apps planning and service renewal etc at WEB production company, engaged as UX director at the UI / UX design professional company. have two patents, also be familiar with the space design and product design. In charge of the planning of co-creation activities that exciting utilizing Fabbop service. UX design consulting firm ENTAKU representative / creative director.
Yukio Orii
Experience as a director, designer and planner in several design company. After that, became the UX design Leader in UI / UX design professional company. Oversee the planning and user experience design of a number of services regardless toB toC. In charge of experience design and UI / UX surface of the advice of Fabbop service. UX design consulting firm ENTAKU representative / UX designer.
Takeshi Shoji
After experienced a wide range of development from embedded devices smartphone to Web application. 2011 DWANGO joined. Nico Nico Douga mobile section development manager. 2014 Roguba joined. Responsible for the overall development of the ring-type wearable device as CTO.
Product and Graphic Designer. Engaged into building up hacker space as designer and now he join us for product design and corporate design.
bitom, Inc.
Masayoshi Mitsui
postal code: 150-0044, Boat office, Shibuya First Place 8 floar, 8-16, Shinsencho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
establish date
June 8th, 2015
9,800,000 yen
Postal code 150-0045, Shibuya First Place 8F BOAT Office, 8-16, Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.